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The World savings and retail banking Institute – WSBI represents the interests of its 80 banking members worldwide, towards international policymakers and standard setters on the main regulatory and other issues that shape international retail banking policy?

They also promote a vision for a pluralistic banking model and an enabling environment for financial inclusion. WSBI has the additional role of bringing together members to exchange knowledge through meetings at the international and international levels as well as technology platforms.


Favoring inclusive globalization and supporting a diversified range of banking services

Favoring an inclusive form of globalization that is just and fair, WSBI supports international efforts to advance financial access and financial usage for everyone. WSBI also supports a diversified range of financial services that responsibly meet customers’ transaction, saving, and borrowing needs. To these ends, WSBI recognizes that there are always lessons to be learned from savings and retail banks from different environments and economic circumstances. It, therefore, fosters the exchange of experience and best practices among its members and supports their advancement as sound, well-governed, and inclusive financial institutions.

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