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EQUANS, represents multi-technical expertise and comprehensive service from design through to installation, including maintenance and financing of equipment for its clients.

Our ambition? To offer bespoke solutions to towns, industries and businesses in the tertiary sector. We do this in 6 sectors of activity: electrical, HVAC, refrigeration, mechanical & robotics, digital & IT and facility management. Our employees are committed on a daily basis to achieving:

More attractive towns

More efficient and greener businesses

More sustainable and comfortable buildings

As an international market leader, EQUANS supports its clients through the three major current transitions: energy, industrial and digital. In Belgium, EQUANS boasts over 10,000 employees, distributed over more than 56 sites.

De sfeer in het team

A company is not limited to a sum of workers. EQUANS offers opportunities to many talents. High-tech experts work alongside technicians and administrative employees. All experts in their field. But do the workers feel comfortable and go to work every day with enthusiasm? Does it all come down to knowledge and skills? EQUANS wants to offer each employee a pleasant working environment and atmosphere where everyone can develop personally.

We are committed to offering our employees an exciting job, at the cutting edge of technology, within dynamic teams that offer many opportunities for evolution.

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Bedrijf sinds 1945

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