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Developer : who is the boss?

In the IT sector, accessing managerial functions is an important step that is perceived as both a grail[...]


DevOps: the basics in five minutes

DevOps is more than just a methodology: it’s a true work philosophy and a collaborative continuous improvement process.[...]


Engineers vs artificial intelligence: the Great Replacement?

Faced with the meteoric progress of data analysis and the use of increasingly powerful algorithms, how will the[...]


What are the challenges of serverless computing?

Serverless computing is a cloud development model (designed in and for the cloud) which allows developers to create[...]


No-code development: 5 good reasons why you should be interested

As increasing numbers of businesses – both large and small – are trying out no-code development and the[...]


Mobile development: is Flutter the future?

Why has Flutter been so successful with developers and what are the specificities that make it such a[...]

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