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The FASFC, the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain, ensures the safety of the food chain and food quality. It therefore protects the health of humans, but[...]

Partenamut is the first free and independent French-speaking mutual insurance company in Belgium. Active in Brussels and Wallonia, it has 1,300 employees.

ConceptExpo is a design agency that creates and builds meeting places and exceptional experiences. It helps brands and companies create layouts to boost their presence and enhance communication at exhibitions,[...]

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Dear colleague, I hate you!

It’s simply not possible to like everyone. In fact, you can hate as many people if you like if that’s your thing. But what to do when you loathe an[...]

When recruiters turn marketers

Applicants seeking more authenticity, meaning and transparency, the massive use of social media by jobseekers, the war for talent: HR needs to adapt to a fast-changing labour market and society.

9 tips for a successful job interview

You’re looking for a job, you sent out loads of CVs… and you’ve been invited for an interview! Fantastic news! Congratulations! Now, you’re wondering how best to prepare for your[...]

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