Vivaqua, the producer of the Brussels blue gold

The company and its strengths

Vivaqua is the drinking water supplier for the Brussels region and one fifth of the Belgian population. The company is active throughout the water cycle.

Its mission consists in the production and distribution of drinking water 24 hours a day, its safe delivery, wastewater treatment, flood control and water quality control.

As water is the primary resource, vivaqua services are irreplaceable and essential. Vivaqua is a bit like the producer of Brussels blue gold!

A society in full transformation, attentive to the world around us and on the lookout for new technological, social, economic and environmental trends. The company faces many challenges such as global warming, regulations, financial situation, age pyramid, digitalization, …

Work atmosphere

We respect and trust each other, we are part of a big family !

The friendly atmosphere and team spirit are present in the various departments. We aim for excellence in work but above all an increase in the skills of each individual through training. We meet for a teambuilding activity or a tennis or football match on the company’s grounds

Vivaqua brings together many very varied profiles: buyer, network technician, welder, gardener, engineer, technician, worker, draftsman, customer service, mechanic…

At all levels, employees have a real know-how and together they constitute a company rich in meaning and values.

Key values

  • A sense of service
  • Reliability
  • The competence
  • Integrity
  • Team spirit
  • The opening
They speak English French Dutch
Company since 1891
Number of employees 1370

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