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The company and its strengths

Sibelga is the gas and electricity network manager for Brussels.

Our 1000 employees work hard each day to ensure energy supply to 500,000 Brussels-based homes and businesses.

Out on site or from our headquarters located in the heart of the capital, our teams work together to facilitate energy use for today and the future.

A healthy business that fuels ambitious objectives is always in need of team members who will drive that growth. Sibelga is no exception.

This creates a multitude of employment opportunities!

Work atmosphere

To work at Sibelga is to work in a multicultural and bilingual environment. In short, typically Brussels! Two thirds of our employees are aged under 45, which will give you the opportunity to develop in a young and dynamic work environment.

Our business is located next to the canal, on the border between Brussels-City and Laeken. With trendy, spacious and modern offices, an impressive sporting infrastructure and an ultramodern company restaurant.

The best way to learn your role is to be mentored by someone more experienced. From the moment you join Sibelga, a colleague will support you and help you learn the ins-and-outs of the job.

Some of our jobs cannot be learnt in the classroom and we are well aware of this! This is why we have our own technical college with our own trainers.

Key values

In 2020, the new Sibelga values were officially presented to staff. Defined with staff participation, these values are based on the feelings on the ground and of Sibelga employees, at all levels.

These 4 values are truly part of Sibelga’s DNA!

  • Reliability
  • Innovation
  • Together
  • Appreciation
They speak English French Dutch
Company since 2003
Number of employees 1100

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