The company and its strengths

Samusocial de Bruxelles is an emergency welfare facility offering free assistance to homeless people in the Brussels region.

Samusocial is notably assigned each year for the Winter Plan which welcomes over 1,000 homeless people per night in Brussels. It aims to provide relief to the supported individual and offer personalised support towards solutions for getting off the streets. The assistance provided is immediate, through the work of mobile teams or in emergency reception centres. However, this is designed with an ongoing, long-term support perspective, in order to shape realistic solutions to help supported individuals off the streets.

Samusocial also organises reception and pre-reception for asylum seekers, collaborating with the Agence Fédérale pour l‘Accueil des Demandeurs d’Asile (FEDASIL).

Samusocial is an emergency urban welfare facility combating social exclusion. They restore a humanistic relationship and if the person so wishes, support them in finding a solution for getting off the streets.
Samusocial has developed different accommodation facilities to offer a framework and support that is the most suited as possible to the situation of the individual. Consequently, there is the emergency reception centre, MediHalte, the “family” centre, the Winter Plan, “Housing First” and the asylum seeker reception plan.

Indeed, in addition to the emergency accommodation, SamuSocial also provides medical consultations, a friendly ear, psychosocial support, transport and guidance to assistance centres. These mobile teams have 4 objectives:
Meeting: getting in contact, “approaching”, steps that require tact and professionalism in dealing with people.
Diagnosis: evaluating the condition of the person to be helped from a medical/psychological/social perspective.
Treatment: providing first aid, where needed.
Support and guidance: to our emergency accommodation centres and other services (social, medical, institutional).

Work atmosphere

At Samusocial, everyone is there for one another. People who work there all share a common desire to help others.

These workers include: centre coordinators, nurse, doctor, teacher, night guard, technician, all contributing their all to participate in a shared duty which they hold dear: helping the homeless and asylum seekers.

They speak English French Dutch
Company since 1999
Number of employees 100

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