A family company at the service of health !

The company and its strengths

SMA Neutra is a mutual insurance company managing hospital insurance of French-speaking and Brussels-based non-denominational mutual insurance funds.

Currently SMA Neutra employs 27 people and has 119,074 insured.

Neutra is a family business where there is a warm and personal atmosphere. Coffee and lunch breaks are shared together in an atmosphere conducive to exchanges of ideas, in closed or landscape offices, or in the kitchen.
All employees know and support each other. Each at their level, they contribute and work for the collective success of the company. This is celebrated every year at the traditional meal with the entire staff.
To promote a good work-life balance, there is a sliding timetable. This allows everyone to recover each month the hours worked in excess in the previous months. A matter of good will and therefore also a guarantee of a good atmosphere!

Work atmosphere

Neutra is a family company where a warm and personal atmosphere prevails. Coffee breaks and lunch breaks are taken together, in an ambiance conducive to exchanges, in closed or open-plan offices or in the kitchen.

All employees know and support each other. Everyone has their area of expertise, they contribute and participate actively in the collective success of the company. Moreover, this is celebrated each year at the traditional company meal.

To promote work/life balance, a flexible schedule allows each staff member to recuperate each month the excess hours worked in the preceding months (time off in lieu). Here, kindness is absolutely the done thing and good humour is the norm!

They speak English French Dutch
Company since 2000
Number of employees 27

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