Intelligent fall detection

The company and its strengths

The best way to help a patient is by helping the nursing staff first and foremost! This sums up the philosophy of MintT (“Medical Intelligent Technologies”), a Belgian start-up founded in 2014. Since its creation, MintT has been organised around the three areas of expertise necessary for its development: engineering, clinical knowledge and strategy.

Its ambition? To use 3D image technology to improve the quality of life of the elderly. Firstly, in the field of patient falls, in hospitals and in rest and care homes.

After three years of research and development, MintT has developed a first solution, called ISA, which detects, analyses and prevents falls. ISA is only a first application. MintT wants to position itself as a company specialising in behavioural analysis and medical surveillance. Other applications should follow, with the same concern: to objectify information and facilitate decision-making by the medical profession.

As you have understood, MintT is a start-up that will not fall!

Work atmosphere

MintT’s new offices are located in one of the most beautiful areas of Brussels, on the Avenue Louise, a stone’s throw from the Place du Châtelain. You will join a dynamic team, people who have the audacity to try, the willingness to put the progress of knowledge at the service of seniors and the requirement to surpass themselves.

Joining MintT means doing everything possible to meet one of the greatest challenges of our time (the ageing population) and to build a more inclusive society.

Key values

Quality of care and better ageing are at the heart of MintT’s values. The company is committed to serving seniors in the pursuit of an active and independent life. A project for a society that is inclusive of people in a situation of dependency, while respecting their freedom and privacy.

Are you a team player? Are you creative and proactive? Do you have a passion for technology? Are you a techno-diagnostic? Do you have your tech-baby that has nothing to do with your job? Yes ? Then, whether you are young or not so young, with experience or not, we are made to meet!

They speak English French Dutch
Company since 2014
Number of employees 10

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