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The company and its strengths

Kumquat is an acclaimed startup that designs and runs purposeful gatherings to help clients achieve transformative impact.

Kumquat is a small, entrepreneurial and growing facilitation business. We offer bespoke facilitation and training to a wide range of clients, currently mostly institutions, philanthropies and non-governmental organisations with an international profile.

Our clients want to make an impact with their next gathering – in person or online –, whether it’s a strategy forum, an innovation lab, a board retreat or something entirely unique. We help them find their gathering’s deeper purpose, design a bespoke facilitation or facilitation training project, and run it with our trademark professionalism and warmth.

We’re at a pivotal time: we’re realigning our brand with a new offer, and we expect our business to grow in the next 24 months.

Work atmosphere

We’ve been cultivating a small-and-friendly culture with colleagues who like a job well done and bring great social skills to work. We’ll be a core team of 2 full-time and 1 part-time team members. We may work with other consultants on specific projects.

Our small size means there is little administrative burden and high work flexibility. It also means that sometimes we need to build an internal process at the same time as we use it! It’s part of the fun.

When not working from home, we’re based in a comfortable office in a lovely area, with plenty of lunch spots nearby and 5 minutes away from Trône metro station.

Key values

We pride ourselves on a job well done and honouring the commitments we make to our customers. We work as one team to create ever-greater value for them.

We’re a workplace that genuinely values human qualities, and strives for all team members to feel fulfilled in their job.

They speak English French Dutch
Company since 2013

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