The partner for your Health and Nutrition communication, for a more sustainable world !

The company and its strengths

Karott’ is a communication agency specialized in health and nutrition that aims to be refreshing and innovative.

Working at Karott’ means embarking on an adventure that is both humane and committed. Everyone is important and brings their skills to the team, offering diversity and expertise. Here, collective intelligence and agility are the keys to collaboration. If everyone collaborates as best they can in the realization of ambitious communication projects for our clients, it is always with the search for meaning and excellence as a common thread. Learning to take care of your health and eat healthy can only be achieved if you are deeply committed to the fundamental issues of health and nutrition.

In addition to direct consulting in health, nutrition and digital communication, the company also provides a network of experts in these fields. Karott’ also plays a publishing role via its platform Foodinaction.com, a website dedicated to nutrition professionals which is none other than the leading media in Belgium !

Work atmosphere

At Karott, everyone gets on the same page and eats together. Each occasion is a pretext for the party committee to organize a lunch, a brunch or other to gather around the table, with always a particular attention to local and organic consumption.

Are we in a communication agency specialized in health and nutrition ?!

Key values

  • A love of a job well done
  • The enthusiasm
  • Team spirit
  • Curiosity
They speak English French Dutch
Company since 2007
Number of employees 14

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