"Structuring for better growth" - Strategic consulting for SMEs

The company and its strengths

Kammco, founded in 2007 by Karin Maquet, is a company specialized in supporting SMEs at all stages of their growth, from the genesis of a start-up idea to the transfer of a company and the critical stage of revenue development.

At Kammco, consulting is not limited to making theoretical recommendations. Key levers to structure growth are identified and implemented with clients, at the financial, commercial, organizational, strategic and technological levels. A long-term relationship of trust is established with customers from a wide range of sectors, including food processing, communication, interactive gaming, passive and sustainable building construction, etc.

Working in a small structure allows you to exceed your limits in terms of agility and skills.

Their main challenge ? Increase from 4 to 15 people by 2021.

Work atmosphere

A small, close-knit team, with varied and complementary skills, where grey matter, emotional intelligence, technique and pragmatism are combined.

They speak English French Dutch
Company since 2007
Number of employees 4

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