Discover the X factor !

The company and its strengths

HumanX is a startup in human resources consulting. Their objective is to focus on the new digital era. With the arrival of new technologies, human resources management is in full transition. The startup is part of the Cronos Group and can therefore count on the support of the structure at all levels.

Two main services are offered: HR constulancy and digital HR (HR analytics, chatbot, …). Depending on the customer’s needs, the young startup works on a tailor-made basis.

HumanX helps its customers with their HR technologies and tools in order to increase their employees’ satisfaction and reduce their administrative work. In addition, their HR analytics department collects, structures and analyzes the customer’s HR data.

At HumanX, we are looking for personalities who will be able to reveal the full potential of their X-factor !

Work atmosphere

HumanX is located in a beautiful coworking area. Isolated, collaborative and relaxation areas are available. There is even a patio with trees and greenery, yoga classes, a cafeteria, and conferences.

At HumanX, we have a flat structure, everyone is on first-name terms, and we share a common interest: the human being. Each consultant is unique within the company. Within this young and dynamic team, we find a friendly and friendly atmosphere. St. Nicholas’ Day, Christmas and other events are celebrated with Cronos, the startup’s parent company.

Key values

  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • Inspiration
  • Innovation
  • Spirit of initiative
  • Collaboration
They speak English French Dutch
Company since 2019
Number of employees 5

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