Golden Palace

Give the game back its place, that of entertainment !

The company and its strengths

The Golden Palace group is above all a family company in a totally extraordinary setting. A room full of games of all kinds where everyone gathers around the coffee machine. Here, we get to know each other, we’re a little bit at home ! The company, now run by a sister and a brother, founded by their father in 1968, is in great expansion. The size has almost doubled in the last two years. The number of projects is increasing, but the spirit remains the same.

Golden Palace Casino & Sports operates 45 gaming rooms in Belgium, an online gaming website and, since July 2019, a casino in France.

In addition to this main activity, the group imports and markets hardware and software for the gambling sector (slot machines, games,…).

Work atmosphere

A dynamic framework, a high degree of autonomy in work and almost immediate decision-making. Everyone gets on the same page and gets together around the coffee machine or in the cafeteria.

Key values

  • Professionalism
  • Family spirit
  • Well-being of players and staff
  • Responsible, committed to the company
They speak English French Dutch
Company since 1968
Number of employees 400

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