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The company and its strengths

In 2015, Louvain-la-Neuve-based company EMAsphere developed and launched a 100% SaaS forecasting and reporting solution designed to help decision makers manage their business with greater confidence by gaining a clearer understanding of their financial and operational data.

The EMAsphere platform automatically connects to accounting and business software, transforming data into business metrics ready for analysis. Shortly after the platform’s launch, EMAsphere was able to win over SMEs and large companies alike from all sectors.

Through the founders’ financial expertise, along with their business and technological knowledge, EMAsphere continues to innovate in providing decision makers with a simple, quick-to-implement and automated performance management platform dedicated to updating reporting.

Today, more than sixty collaborators in Belgium and France have joined us in serving more than 10,000 user companies. After more than five years of commercial deployment, the company finds itself undertaking a scaling-up phase, supported by a solid base of local shareholders and its two original founders. The strengthening of operations in Ghent, while further cementing EMAsphere’s presence in Flanders, also opens the door to the Dutch market.

Work atmosphere

Developers, project managers, sales, marketing, finance and human resources personnel alike all enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, sometimes eating together in the office.

Every EMAsphere employee is driven by innovation and customer satisfaction, with the entire team meeting several times a year to work on opportunities to improve and innovate further. During these interdepartmental meetings, experimenting with new ideas is often encouraged.

Despite the company’s growth, its culture remains that of a close-knit young start-up, where warmth and dynamism complement professionalism and expertise. Such a team spirit is fostered through organising activities throughout the year, including brainstorming sessions, staff events, sport, team-building exercises, community days serving the local community and ‘bubble activities’ designed to promote togetherness during these covid times (or not!). Recently, an Event Committee was set up to come up with and organise activities which aim to further develop this sense of conviviality and team spirit.

Key values

  • Professionalism:
    • We serve our customers (both external and internal)
    • We think quality
    • We do the absolute maximum
    • We keep a positive attitude
  • Expertise:
    • We capitalise on our expertise
    • We continue to learn and improve
    • We are solutions-oriented
    • We are trustworthy
  • Innovation:
    • We believe that we need to go off the beaten path
    • We take the time to come up with new ideas and have the confidence to share them
  • Human-oriented:
    • We show respect and empathy
    • We encourage collaboration
    • We recognise and reward
  • One team:
    • We work together
    • We have fun together
    • We get things moving together
They speak English French Dutch
Company since 2015
Number of employees 54

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