The innovative parking management software that boosts green mobility !


The company and its strengths

Commuty is a Belgian startup founded 4 years ago with a deep desire to innovate in order to meet the environmental challenges of our society. Their challenge ? Change employees’ travel habits and develop a real environmental impact ! Green mobility is their passion !

Their primary objective is the workplace. Commuty is developing computer software to improve parking management and thus stimulate green mobility in companies and office buildings.

Parking management can be very difficult, and changing mobility habits can be a real challenge… But meeting these challenges is precisely what Commuty likes! Through digitization and innovation, they make problems extremely complex and easy to deal with.

Today based in Walloon Brabant and Brussels, the Commuty team is full of ambition. Joining Commuty means wanting to change the world by making it greener on a daily basis, it means participating in a human adventure full of meaning and major challenges.

Work atmosphere

A small bilingual team, where everyone works at their own pace according to the objectives to be achieved. A relaxed atmosphere in the office, professional at the customer’s premises. A flat structure, where everyone is there to help the company grow. We eat together in the canteen or in the foodtruck near the office… if we’re not in home working !

Everyone has a coaching and training plan to achieve their objectives and develop their career as well as possible.

Key values

  • The innovation
  • The authenticity
  • The balance
  • The ambition
They speak English French Dutch
Company since 2016
Number of employees 6

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