Protection and prevention at work !

The company and its strengths

CESI is an External Protective and Preventive Service for the workplace whose role is to ensure the well-being of workers in affiliated companies. To do this, 320 professionals, occupational health doctors, ergonomists, engineers, doctors of science, psychologists, will work to facilitate your compliance with the law and bolster your internal policies. CESI is able to do all this through analyses, advice, training and bespoke interventions.

These professional support services help companies and organisations manage their prevention policies, providing training and offering services that set out to improve worker well-being.

This non-profit organisation came into being in 1968 on the initiative of a group of employers who recognised the importance of well-being at work. Today, some 17,000 companies employ our services. These companies, which come from both the public and private sectors, employ some 211,000 workers

Work atmosphere

At CESI, a great deal of importance is attributed to clear communication, listening to one another and feedback. There are meetings during which business and pleasure are combined, meetings and chats with managers as well as friendly and informal contact with everyone. In order to foster cohesion between members of the structure, events such as parties are organised. We also believe it is important to eat together at lunchtime.

The actions of CESI set out to keep the human being at the centre of production activities, in an economy that respects a person’s aspirations and work. With a strong belief that work allows people to access independence, interact with others and reach their potential. CESI therefore concentrates all its energy on the development and fulfilment of people in the workplace. In addition to this permanent involvement, CESI seeks to become a key player in the campaign for the improvement of working conditions in Belgium.

Joining the team involves managing a client portfolio independently, while benefiting from a three-faceted operation.

Key values

CESI is committed to fulfilling its statutory tasks as well as those conferred contractually by its affiliates. Its values are as follows:

  • Independence
  • Listening and collaboration
  • Quality
They speak English French Dutch
Company since 1968
Number of employees 320

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